Nine Stars Printing installs Landa S10 nanographic printing press

Landa digital print and Shenzhen Nine Stars Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CR Sanjiu, announce the installation of an S10 nanographic printing press at Chinese packaging specialist, Nine Stars Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd in its factory in Longgang (Shenzhen).

The company uses its new Landa S10 to expand its product offering to customers, while streamlining production by replacing traditional short-to-medium run analog packaging jobs with a cost-effective, cost-effective and waste-reducing digital printing process.

Nine Stars Printing believes that nanography will revolutionize the Chinese packaging market.

“We pride ourselves on embracing cutting-edge technology, and the Landa S10 is one of the most exciting and transformative solutions to enter the market in generations,” said Liu Wen Heng, General Manager of Nine Stars. Printing. “We are confident that the Landa S10, with its B1 digital format, high print speed and incredible color capabilities, will give early adopters like us a very valuable competitive advantage.”

Founded in 1989, Nine Stars Printing was ranked 49th among China’s top 100 printing companies in 2021. Supporting markets such as the pharmaceutical, electronics, personal care and food markets, the company offers a range of folding box printing services and labels from three production sites in Longgang. (Shenzhen), Shanghai and Benxi. The new Landa S10 has been installed at the Longgang (Shenzhen) site in a newly decorated digital printing center.

Designed for the packaging and converting industries, the Landa S10 nanographic printing press in B1 (41 in / 1,050 mm) size enables just-in-time routine efficiency for folding box and POP/POS production .

The Landa S10 press prints at a speed of 6,500 sheets per hour on standard offset papers and substrates ranging in thickness from 4 to 32 pt. (0.06-0.8mm). With a cross point of up to tens of thousands of boxes, the Landa S10 provides a perfect digital solution for the folding box industry

“China is an exciting market for us, and we are delighted to have Nine Stars Printing as another customer in the region,” said Gil Oron, CEO of Landa Digital Printing. “This is a very well run company with an experienced and dynamic management team, and a clear vision for the future of the industry and the role of nanographic technology within it.”


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