No, a US-based publication did not ridicule the Pakistani justice system


ISLAMABAD: As the PTI builds a narrative that a US-backed ‘regime change’ plot led to the ousting of Imran Khan’s government, former human rights minister Shireen Mazari, took a step forward to further the propaganda.

“Imagine! What an insult to Pakistan caused by the US regime change plot! Surely the dark shadows become more crimson! the former federal minister – who has a doctorate – shared on Twitter, along with a doctored image from the New York Herald.

The image, according to Mazari’s tweet, was from the New York Herald and showed Pakistan’s justice system happy to take orders from the United States.

The cartoon was real but doctored and was not published in the New York Herald.

First of all, yes, the New York Herald was indeed an American daily newspaper, but it had closed in 1924 – and had started in 1835. Which means that the newspaper ceased to exist almost 25 years before the creation from Pakistan.

Second, the context. The cartoon was based on Julian Assange.

MintPress News shared the cartoon on its Twitter account and said, “With Julian Assange set to be extradited to spend the rest of his life in a US prison, and the judge saying he is ‘duty,’ some call into question the independence of the United Kingdom and sovereignty.”

Later, after being called out on Twitter for her mistake in sharing fake news, the former human rights minister deleted the tweet, but has yet to post a clarification in this regard.


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