NUtec’s NUbis bulk ink system enables continuous printing

NUtec digital ink offers an exclusive bulk ink system designed to ensure a continuous supply of ink to Epson DX4, DX5, DX6 and DX7 printheads used in large format digital inkjet presses.

NUbis is a bulk ink system from NUtec Digital Ink that enables more efficient printing with uninterrupted refilling, offering the functionality of a cartridge with the benefits of a bulk system. The system contains degassed bags of 1000ml or 2000ml, easy to replace when empty, even during printing without interrupting the printing session.

Replacing pouches can be done quickly and cleanly as the custom-designed needle connector easily attaches to the pouch nozzle for a quick, spill-free refill process that reduces ink waste. The empty sachets can be folded and disposed of in accordance with regional waste disposal regulations, while the outer box is 100% recyclable.

“Installation of our NUbis Bulk Ink System is made easy with the support tools we provide, including our Quick Installation Guide, detailed component list and step-by-step installation video available on our channel. YouTube,” said Darren Claassens, head of sales and marketing at NUtec Digital. Ink. “In addition, our network of distributors and resellers are fully trained on the system and are able to assist with installation and technical support.”


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