Odette Glasses develops a new collection of glasses with a biosourced 3D printing material


Belgian eyewear brand Odette Glasses leveraged 3D printing technology to develop a new eyewear collection in collaboration with materialize and former cycling world champion Tom Boonen.

New Odette Glasses X Tom Boonen The eyewear products are unisex, available in two sizes and three colors, and made with BASF’s 100% bio-based Ultrasint PA11 material, which is the latest addition to Materialize’s eyewear materials portfolio. PA11 also offers flexibility, impact resistance and is able to manufacture lightweight parts – all favorable properties for eyewear brands.

Odette Eyewear turned to 3D printing technology because it is “ideal for creating a technical sports frame without compromising the design we had in mind”, and would also allow for a product that meets some of the sustainability challenges of The fashion industry. In the traditional manufacture of an eyewear product, around 70% of the acetate used in frames can end up being wasted, while a fast fashion culture can also result in 20-30% unsold.

Harnessing 3D printing technology, Odette Glasses was able to use Ultrasint PA11 – which is based on Arkema’s Rilsan Polyamide 11 and responsibly sourced from castor beans – and print parts on demand in small series. .

“With 3D printing, the waste-minimizing nature of the additive process already delivers clear environmental and economic benefits,” commented Alireza Parandian, Business Development Manager at Materialise. “Using a material like PA11 has the potential to amplify these benefits.

“With its speed, flexibility and digital-first DNA, 3D printing offers a radical competitive advantage to eyewear brands. It empowers start-ups, supports new business opportunities and enables companies of all sizes to create new new designs, test the appetite of the market, and increase production with minimal risk. By generating less waste and consuming minimal energy throughout the supply chain, 3D printing offers also greener credentials, which is increasingly influencing the choice of today’s consumers.

The partnership with Odette Glasses represents the latest activity of Materialize in the field of eyewear. Other company collaborators in the field include HOYA, Hoet Design Studio, Safilo and Ditto.

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