OFFICIAL RELEASE ORDER NO. 31-22 AN ORDER AMENDING TITLE 16 OF THE CITY OF DUBUQUE ORDINANCE CODE, UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE, BY RECLASSIFYING HEREINAFTER DESCRIBED AS PART OF THE PROPERTY LOCATED AT 4400 ASBURY ROAD OF PC PLANNED COMMERCIAL DISTRICT TO AG AGRICULTURE DISTRICT NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDERED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF DUBUQUE, IOWA: Section 1. That Title 16 of the City of Dubuque Code of Ordinances, Unified Development Code, is hereby amended by reclassifying the property hereinafter described from PC Planned Commercial District to AG Agriculture District, namely: part of Lot 2 of Sams Place in the City of Dubuque, Iowa, as set forth in Schedule A. Section 2. That the he foregoing amendment has already been reviewed by the Zoning Advisory Board for the City of Dubuque, Iowa. Section 3. This Ordinance comes into force upon its publication according to law. Passed, approved and passed this 19th day of September 2022. /s/Brad M. Cavanagh, Mayor Attestation: /s/Adrienne N. Breitfelder, City Clerk Officially published in the Telegraph Herald newspaper on the 23rd day of September 2022. /s/ Adrienne N. Breitfelder, City Clerk 1t 9/23


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