OFFICIAL RELEASE ORDER NO. 19-22 AMENDMENT TO THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF DUBUQUE TITLE 14 CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, CHAPTER 1 BUILDING CODES, ARTICLE J PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE, SECTION 14-1J-2 AMENDMENTS TO THE INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDERED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF DUBUQUE, IOWA: Section 1. Section 14-1J-2 of the City of Dubuque Ordinance Code is amended to read as follows: 14-1J-2: AMENDMENTS TO THE INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE: additions, deletions, modifications or amendments of the International Property Maintenance Code, 2018 Edition, adopted at Section 14-1J-1 of this article as follows: . . . . Section 302.4. Weeds. Amended to read: 302.4. Weeds. The premises and exterior property must be maintained in accordance with Section 6-8-2 of the City of Dubuque’s Code of Ordinances. Exception: Per Iowa Code §562A.15, a landlord may enter into a rental agreement, under certain circumstances, with a tenant for maintenance, in which case a tenant will be responsible for complying with Section 6- 8-2 from Dubuque Town. ordinances code. At the request of the city, a landlord must provide a copy of the written lease agreement to the code official, in order to determine liability. Liability for a violation will default to the owner if the requested documentation is not provided within 5 days of the date of the notice of violation which will be sent by certified mail. . . . . Section 2. This ordinance takes effect upon its publication. Passed, approved and passed this May 2, 2022. /s/Brad M. Cavanagh, Mayor Attestation: /s/Adrienne N. Breitfelder, City Clerk Officially published in the Telegraph Herald newspaper on May 6, 2022 /s/Adrienne N. Breitfelder, municipal clerk 1t 5/6


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