Performance Distributors Mopar Slant 6 Tri-Power Distributor


The Chrysler Slant 6 is a legendary engine. Known for its reliability and rock-solid performance, its popularity shows no signs of waning. If you want to bring your Slant 6 into modern times with a capable electronic dispenser, we know a perfect solution for you.

Performance Distributors offers a performance electronic distributor for Dodge/Chrysler Slant 6 engines. The Slant 6 Tri-Power Ignition System features their Dyna Mod (HEI style module) with higher dwell modules for increased spark duration . Their high voltage Inferno coil is also included, which can open spark plug gaps to an incredible 0.055″.

The combination of coil and module provides a hotter spark for increased fuel mileage and more power. Every Tri-Power dispenser is tuned to the performance of a Sun dispensing machine to ensure it’s ready to go. If you order directly from Performance Distributor, they will adjust it for your cam duration and lift, compression ratio, carburetor size, vehicle weight and fuel octane.

A super-smooth advance curve eliminates engine-damaging detonations, provides instant throttle response and produces maximum power throughout the rev range. With Performance Distributors Tri-Power ignition, you’ll notice faster starting, smoother idling and better performance up to 7500 rpm.

Performance Distributors brings you the most advanced and innovative line of high performance ignition systems. Their full line of performance products includes Firepower Ignition Kits, SOS Coils, Distributors, Screamin’ Demon Coils, Rev Limiters, Dyna-Batts, Mini-VIPs, Alternators, Mods, LiveWires, etc. They also manufacture and distribute International Distributors, Mini-Stock, Marine, Straight 8 Buicks and Hot Forged. All of their products are guaranteed to perform, with high quality design and high functionality.

Performance Distributors produces the most advanced line of high performance ignition systems on the market. Go here for information on all of their products.

More perks and stats

  • Easy three-wire connection
  • Small diameter design
  • Advance optimized for performance
  • High efficiency module
  • 45,000 Volt Inferno Coil
  • Open socket gaps to 0.055″
  • Fully Electronic – No Points

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