Perstorp acquires GEO’s dimethylolpropionic acid business – covering printing inks, coatings and allied industries

Perstorp acquired the Dimethylolpropionic Acid (DMPA) business of GEO, underscoring its commitment as a provider of sustainable specialty solutions in the resins and coatings segment.

This acquisition further accentuates the company’s strategic presence in polyurethane and alkyd dispersions – a step towards becoming a specialist leader in various water-based coatings markets. The acquisition significantly strengthens Perstorp’s position within the dimethylpropionic acid platform, enabling new investments in innovation and additional capabilities over time.

“Our strategy is to be the supplier of sustainable solutions in our target segments, including resins and coatings. Additives for water-based resin and coating technologies are a key area for future growth, and we see great potential in the Bis-MPA market with the acquired DMPA. This acquisition will both allow us to further develop our offering and make long-term investments to ensure future availability, ”said Jan Secher, President and CEO of Perstorp Group.

Bis-MPA has been a key part of Perstorp’s offering for the past 20+ years. The product enables a technological change from solvent-based formulations to aqueous formulations in markets such as polyurethane dispersions, PUDs and aqueous alkyds.

Since January 2022, Perstorp takes back control of GEO’s DMPA activity. GEO will continue to produce DMPA exclusively for Perstorp in Allentown, PA. Perstorp and GEO are jointly committed to ensuring a smooth transition process, with an emphasis on security of supply and service.


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