Pipistrel promotes Right Rudder Aviation as a new distributor in the United States


Pipistrel announced Wednesday that it has promoted dealership Right Rudder Aviation as its sole general distributor in the United States. The Inverness, Fla.-based aerospace company will oversee a network of dealerships across the country that will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Pipistrel has introduced several of its aircraft to the United States over the past five years, including the high-performance single-seat retractable Panthera and the Velis Electro, the world’s first all-electric aircraft to achieve EASA certification.

Andrew Chan, Founder and COO of Right Rudder Aviation, spoke with FLYING and expressed his enthusiasm in serving Pipistrel’s clientele – current and future pilots. The previous setup didn’t make much sense from a customer perspective, Chan said, and now the company is poised to offer a more “concierge” style experience to potential aircraft buyers as well as those looking to service and maintain their aircraft.

Chan expects up to three new Velis aircraft to come into Right Rudder Aviation this spring so he can put them in front of people. He also said Part 23 certification of the Panthera high-performance single-engine retractable undercarriage is on track. Pipistrel said certification is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The Velis series of normal and electrically powered aircraft have proven popular overseas as well as in flight schools. Chan has participated in recent meetings under the FAA MOSAIC (Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certificates) initiative which show encouraging signs that several Pipistrel models currently operated under ASTM may move to Part 23 approval under the new guidelines.

A Velis Electro was brought to Florida Tech last summer, and its implementation there was also successful, according to Chan.

“It’s the right plane for the mission,” Chan said of using the Electro in flight training. “It may not meet all needs, but flight schools do.”


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