Planning and Statistics Authority announces policy for publishing official statistics


The Planning and Statistics Authority has announced the release of the Official Statistics Release Policy as a document which includes the basic determinants, controls and concepts for the release of official statistics through various means of publication, which appropriately ensures that the needs of all user segments are met.
The policy for the publication of official statistics in the State of Qatar is based on a number of guiding principles, namely the Amiri Decision No. 70 of 2018 concerning the establishment of the Planning and Statistics Authority, Law No. 2 of Official Statistics and the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics which were endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly on 29 January 2014.
HE the Chairman of the Planning and Statistics Authority, Dr. Saleh bin Mohammad Al Nabit, said that the policy of publishing official statistics revolves mainly around meeting the needs of the users of these statistics in the State of Qatar, especially policy makers, researchers, investors, public sector workers. business and others.
His Excellency underlined the constant effort of the Authority in the field of the publication of official statistics to keep abreast of technological developments at the international level in order to take advantage of them to easily deliver the products of the device to all users. Therefore, the document “Official Statistics Publication Policy” is characterized as being subject to update according to the evolution of the statistical publication process.
The Official Statistics Release Policy defines the basis for the release of data and contains explanations on a number of concepts, such as the open data policy adopted by the State of Qatar in 2014, the release of individual data for results household and economic establishment surveys, and metadata for variables, indicators and classifications used throughout the statistical process.
The publication policy guarantees the quality of the statistical products published by the Planning and Statistics Authority, starting with ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data, respecting the dates of their publication, being able to access them easily and quickly, ensuring comparability, in addition to managing metadata related to the structure and design of statistical operations from the preparation phase to the data collection, classification and publication phase.
The official statistics publication policy also includes an explanation of the electronic publication of data on the official website of the Planning and Statistics Authority ( and the application of “statistics of the Qatar”, as well as the publication of data via social networks.
The Policy for the Publication of Official Statistics will be available in printed form at the Library of the Planning and Statistics Authority, and in electronic form on its official website.


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