Portugal’s regional edition, San Cristobal, celebrates its distributor’s birthday


Cigar lovers in Portugal have a new regional edition of Cuban Smoke made exclusively for them, and it celebrates the 60th anniversary of Empor SA, the official Habanos distributor in the country. The San Cristobal de La Habana Saudade is now available at Habanos retailers across Portugal, and, at 5 3/8 inches long by 52, it’s the same size as the more common Montecristo Edmundo.

Word saudade is used in Portuguese to express feelings of melancholy, loss or longing. While not exactly a festive smoking feeling, it is a reflection of Portugal and its cultural identity. According to Empor, saudade is “one of the most used words in poetry and romantic music in the Portuguese language”.

Like many versions of Cuban cigars, the San Cristobal Saudade hits the market a year late. It was scheduled for 2020 when Empor SA will be 60 years old. The words “60 Aniversario Empor SA” are clearly visible on the secondary strip of the regional edition.

San Cristóbal de La Habana Saudad

Cigars come in boxes of 10 and have an MSRP of 195 euros per box (around $ 220), which comes to 19.50 euros or $ 22 per cigar. Only 8,000 boxes were produced. This is the sixth time that Portugal has received a Regional Edition cigar.


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