Ransomware hits major US comic book distributor


Ransomware attack delays some comic book shipments to the United States.

Maryland Diamond Comic Distributors on Sundays reported he had suffered a ransomware attack that temporarily shut down the company’s website and disrupted its ability to process customer orders.

“Due to the system issues we are experiencing, some shipments of customer products with an on-sale date of November 10 will be delayed,” the company said. wrote in a Monday update.

Diamond Comic Distributors is a High intermediary for transporting Marvel, Dark Horse and Image comics to retail stores, so the disruption could impact many markets. The affected shipments currently include comics destined for drop-off points in Baltimore, Boston and Dallas. Delays will also trap some comic book orders sent via UPS and to overseas markets.

Diamond Comic Distributors has yet to provide details of the attack, such as the ransomware strain involved. On Sunday, he only said that “These attacks have unfortunately become more and more widespread in recent months, affecting organizations around the world.”

Ransomware attacks can often happen through phishing emails containing malware or by exploiting vulnerabilities in online systems. Hackers will then seek to spread the ransomware infection to internal computer systems with the goal of encrypting as much information as possible. To free the computers, a victim will have to pay, usually in Bitcoin.

It is not known whether the Diamond Comic distributors received and paid a ransom. But the company said in an update on Sunday, “We want to assure you that customer data and financial information is not stored on our network and, as such, we have no reason to believe that he was affected by this attack. In addition to the ongoing investigation by our team of third-party forensic experts, we have also notified law enforcement.

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“While some of our systems remain down, please rest assured that we continue to ship products and fulfill orders to the extent possible,” the statement added.

We have reached out to the parent company of Diamond Comic Distributors for comment, and will update the story if we have any news.

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