Recycling for makers: papier-mâché shapes with 3D printing



Cardboard is a versatile material, and most cardboard boxes found in the home can simply be reused. Around Christmas, however, there is often more packing material piling up than there is in the wastebasket. Good luck for makers: you can easily make papier-m̢ch̩ out of cardboard and paper Рand with some form of the 3D printer, we are quickly leaving the kindergarten level behind.

In Make 6/21 we tried the production of stylish cardboard objects with various 3D printed shapes and passed on our experience. First of all: the resulting objects have little in common with an egg carton, pressed papier mache is much harder and can be treated almost like wood.

Weller soldering stations are among the best in their business, but also among the most expensive. You don’t have to go without quality RT soldering tips if you supplement them with a homemade power supply unit. Our HotPens project pulls two 40 and 150 watt pistons and is therefore equipped for all welding work.

More information on the subject can be found in issue 6/21 of Make.

Make issue 6/21 is now available online and at the kiosk. With one of our subscriptions, the magazine was already in the mailbox. You can also use the make conveniently like Order the print or PDF version from the Heise store. If you prefer to read Make digitally, you can do so in our apps for iOS and Android. You can also find the Make 6/21 table of contents online.

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