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Sony Music Publishing United Kingdom signed a singer-songwriter Mimi webb to an exclusive worldwide publishing contract that covers its entire catalog and future work. “I am delighted to join the Sony Music Publishing family,” she said in a statement. “I’ve been writing songs from a young age, so having the opportunity to work with the best team in the business is a dream come true.”

The UK-born artist has broken out with songs like “Before I Go” and “I’ll Break My Heart Again”, winning hundreds of millions of streams and bringing attention to Tik Tok. These songs and others, like “Good Without” and “Dumb Love”, are included in the chord.

“Mimi is without a doubt a very special artist and composer and the speed with which her music has connected to her ever-growing audience has really underlined her,” said Tim Major, Co-Managing Director of Sony Music Publishing UK. “She has a huge future ahead of her and we are very proud that she chose Sony Music Publishing to be part of their already amazing team.

August 17, Sony Music Publishing Brazil announced the signing of Gilberto Gil to a worldwide publishing administration agreement. The two-time Grammy-winning artist and activist is one of Brazil’s most enduring cultural figures, with a musical career spanning six decades and an indelible political legacy as Brazil’s Minister of Culture. 2003 to 2008. During his tenure as Minister of Culture, Gil transformed the office, expanding the country’s footprint around the world and forming new initiatives to adapt the country’s practices with copyright law, technology and diversity.

As a musician, Gil became a pioneer of Tropicália, a genre popularized in the 1960s that amalgamates elements of bossa nova, basileira and samba with rock and folk instruments. With his avant-garde approach to music, Aloysio Reis, Managing Director of Sony Music Publishing Brazil, calls the artist “a creative genius”.

“We are delighted to be given the sweet responsibility of managing Gilberto’s catalog, an invaluable artistic treasure,” says Reis.

Verse 2 Music, a joint venture with Sony Music Editing, announced the signing of Levon Gray to a worldwide publishing agreement. The joint venture, led by Kane Brown and Kent Earls, will control Gray’s entire catalog as well as future works created under the new agreement.

Fast-growing Nashville songwriter, Gray was recently credited as one of the authors of Brown’s single “One Mississippi” which was released via RCA Records Nashville earlier this year and will become a major focus for Brown’s team. on country radio in the coming weeks.

Gray began his career as Music Minister with a voracious appetite for all kinds of music, from blues to salsa. “I love making music that can create memories,” he says. Soon his days of ministry gave way to a genre career as an artist and songwriter, working on projects like Lil Baby’s. Street gossip as well as his own artist project.

“We are delighted to help him achieve all of his hopes and dreams,” said Earls. “Welcome to the family, Levon!

Sony Music Editing extended its global contract with Tyler Perry Studios (“TPS”) to administer all commissioned music across more than 60 different studio productions, which is directed by Perry and longtime music supervisor Joel C. High. The 60+ productions include more than 1,500 television episodes, 26 films, 20 plays, and the renewal ensures that all future works created under the agreement will also be administered by SMP. The administration of TPS’s musical works will be handled by Sony’s Visual + Media Rights division (formerly known as the Broadcast & Media Rights division).

The relationship between Tyler Perry Studios and Sony Music Publishing began 10 years ago and the recent announcement acts as an extension of the partnership already underway.

“At Sony Music Publishing, we’re committed to supporting the studio’s talented composers and the music that brings these unique stories to life,” said Jon Platt, CEO of Sony Music Publishing.

Perry added, “I am grateful for their support and passion for Tyler Perry Studios, and look forward to future successes together.”

UK based independent music publisher Bucks Music Group announced the signing of the famous songwriter Sacha Skarbek to a global administrative agreement. In addition to the typical pitfalls of publishing administration, Bucks Music Group has indicated that it will also provide additional creative services to Skarbek.

The deal includes future works by Skarbek as well as part of his old catalog. Although the pop hitmaker is best known for writing “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus and “Cold Shoulder” by Adele, these works are not included in the Bucks Music Group catalog. .

Additionally, the songwriter has written with names like Jason Mraz, Lana Del Rey, Backstreet Boys, Sigrid, Jessie Ware, James Bay, Tears for Fears and more, and he’s also tried his hand at sheet music and musical supervision.

Prior to this month’s deal, Skarbeck had worked with Bucks Music Group over ten years ago, making the new deal feel like a “homecoming” for Skarbeck. “I couldn’t be happier to be back at Bucks,” he says. Along with the previous deal, Skarbeck’s own music publishing company, Amadeus, has been managed by the Bucks Music Group team for years. “It’s a real pleasure to find him at Bucks. We’ve always had a close relationship,” says Sarah Liversedge Platz, director of A&R at Bucks Music Group.

Kobalt Music signed a worldwide publishing contract with Cosmo midnight, covering a full range of creation, synchronization and administration services for the catalog and future works of the electric pop duo. “We definitely took our time with this publishing deal, but in the end, Kobalt felt like the right house for us,” the group said in a joint statement. “It was just like they all understood what we wanted to achieve with the Cosmo’s Midnight project. And for us as songwriters too.”

The administrative agreement covers the entire catalog of the group, which includes projects like the one of 2018 What happens after, their debut album which has recorded hundreds of millions of streams and won two platinum records and three gold records. Comprised of twin brothers Cosmo Liney and Patrick Liney, Cosmo’s Midnight debut after the announcement came in the form of a new single titled “Titanic” on August 20.

“We literally spent almost a year picking the right home for Cosmo’s Midnight,” manager Tom Huggett said. “Cosmo’s Midnight is a band that we can see flourish in almost any genre, they’ve worked with rappers and R&B singers, they’ve written and performed on house and techno records, they’ve composed sheet music. vibe for radio shows, they even produced and co-wrote a Billboard 100 song for one of the world’s biggest pop groups – BTS. Collaboration is so important to Cosmo’s Midnight and we think Kobalt is the one. team to help the twins where they deserve to be.

Border | Word Music Editing signed the law on emerging countries and the former American Idol the Harper Grace candidate for a universal publishing contract. The Texas-born singer stood out in 2018 during her stint in the singing competition for performing her own original songs, which now have a home in Curb as part of the full catalog and future work deal.

“If I could tell my eleven year old self that at twenty she would move to Nashville and sign a deal with a pub, she would be praising it with all her heart now, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do. to celebrate, ”Grace said. “If it hadn’t been for the man from above, none of this would happen. I am eternally grateful for the privilege of waking up and doing what I dreamed of doing. my life !

Grace will soon join Nelly in her “Lil Bit of Music Series”, a concert tour supporting emerging country artists. His signature at Curb | Word, owned and operated by Mike Curb, means his work will join that of artists like Garth Brooks on the publishing company’s roster.



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