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On Tuesday, July 12, River City Printing Solutions, a new business located at 511 Memorial Drive in downtown Danville, hosted a grand opening ceremony and grand opening. Many local dignitaries turned out for the ribbon cutting, as River City Printing Solutions officially opened its new location in the River District.

“The grand opening was awesome,” owner David Hobson said in a recent interview with the Star-Tribune. “The city council was there. Everyone who made this come together and make it a success is thrilled to have it in the River District. It’s exciting what’s happening downtown with the new park, casino and White Mill coming to life. There’s really a lot going on downtown.

Hobson and his team have been working on the building at 511 Memorial Drive for about six months in preparation for its opening. River City Printing Solutions started serving the public in early April and can help customers with a wide range of marketing and advertising solutions, including banners, printed materials, and apparel, among others.

“My wife asked me why I was starting a business at 60. And I love working with people. I like to make things happen in the community that people ask for. My daughter-in-law Ashley came to work for me, to be my order processor and data entry person, and do all of our marketing,” Hobson explained. “We have been open for two or three months and the response has been overwhelming. We didn’t advertise much, but the pitch we got is just opposite the White Mill. You know, location means everything. I’m glad to be in the River District with everything going on.

Hobson has been in the copy business for 30 years and is about to celebrate another anniversary with Docusystems Company, Inc., the copy company that Hobson started and operated in Southern Virginia for the past two decades.

“I sold machines that did printing for print shops for years, and I saw how it worked. But I’ve always been fascinated by the outcome and the way you design something. You press a button and it comes out, or you have to lay it out and design it and then print it out for people,” Hobson said. “The printing industry has changed over the past 20 years. Things have gone digital, where you don’t have to do it the old fashioned way, where you had to make plates. Now it’s a digital world.

The key for River City Printing Solutions was not only to find an ideal location, but also to find personnel who could manage the machines needed to produce advertising and marketing items. With the right people and the right technology in place, River City Printing Solutions is able to quickly complete concepts for its clients, sometimes within a day.

“We just found the right place. We found an out-of-town press operator looking for a job. His name is Robbie Guthrie. He has been in the industry for years. Robbie is our press operator, does all the banners, signage etc. “Hobson explained. “We really advertise from scratch, doing everything from corporate mats when you walk into your business, to flyers and signs. We do a lot of things with the real estate agents, put up signs in the community with the different real estate agents. »

“We do almost everything you can do in terms of marketing,” he continued. “We really have the only banner welder in town. We can create banners in a day or two. Other people around probably wouldn’t even think of doing it in a day or two. (That would be) three days, four days. I can almost do it in a day with the machines I have and the way we do business. It’s the same thing with the photocopier sector.

One of the driving forces behind River City Printing Solutions is that it wants to be a hands-on business – one where customers can come and get more directly involved in their projects.

“They can just call here at 434-425-8343, and someone will help you with your order,” Hobson said. “We can provide you with samples or give you ideas on the products you want. Or you can just walk in, and we’ll design and fit out everything you need. We will help you in any way possible. We advertise just about anything you can think of.

“Our print shop – when we started this we wanted it to be a ‘come and look, touch and see’ operation. When you walk into a print shop most people ask you what you need. You can’t feel. You can’t touch anything. You really can’t see what you’re trying to order. With us, we have a new showroom. It looks like jewelry cases, where you can get in and these things are there for you you can look at them and smell them and see them. You don’t have to look at a magazine and guess what it is. Then I have another room set up with all the clothes – hats, marketing, things for the real estate agents.

“It’s about taking care of people and surrounding yourself with good working people,” Hobson added. “So that’s what we did here. We have two salespeople who worked for another printing company. Our press operator worked for another printing company. I’ve been in the industry for 30 years. It’s exciting to see all of this happen. We have been working hard since November to make all of this happen. And we are not done here. It’s very exciting.”

“The way it is laid out is different. It’s not like any other print shop around,” he continued. “As I tell people, you have to be different to survive these days. Change is everything. If you don’t change and grow with the economy and the market, you’re probably not going to survive. I am blessed. I have a great case. It’s already taken off, and the response from the community has just been overwhelming. Location is the main thing. It is also a matter of service.

In addition to advertising and marketing materials, River City Printing Solutions also assists publishers with specialty magazines and publications.

“We also publish magazines,” Hobson explained, indicating that River City works on Hamptons Home Magazines in Danville, and assists Star-Tribune’s parent company, Womack Publishing, with some of its magazine projects.

River City Printing Solutions is located at 511 Memorial Drive in the River District of downtown Danville. For more information, call 434-425-8343.


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