Saatvik announces Accura Resources as distributor of solar photovoltaic modules in Gujarat – pv magazine International


Saatvik has appointed Accura Resources as a distributor to supply and market Saatvik solar modules in the Gujarat region. Saatvik is engaged in the manufacture and supply of high efficiency solar photovoltaic modules using M10 and G-12 technologies. With innovations as a key area, Saatvik has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Ambala (Haryana) with an annual production of up to 1 GW/year. Saatvik has recently set a new benchmark by supplying 1 GW solar modules across India, including renowned projects designed and executed by well-known industrial players.

Pushpendra Samadhiya (National Sales Manager) said the appointment of Accura Resources as an authorized distributor will surely increase the reach and footprint of Saatvik modules in Gujarat. In addition to this, he also said that in line with the company’s expansion plan to introduce an additional manufacturing plant in Gandhidham, the production capacity will increase up to 2.5 GW/yr by the end. of this exercise, which will surely meet the growing demand for solar modules in Gujarat. .

Accura Resources is involved in the marketing, supply and distribution of sustainable technologies used in the sectors of power generation, energy efficiency, energy distribution, clean materials, energy efficiency. water and waste management. Its head office is located in Ahmedabad.


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