Spotlight on Rights program boosts publishing industry with new grants for 302 books



“The continued increase in the number of grants offered reflects the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center’s commitment to supporting the publishing industry and helping the publishing industry recover, especially after the challenges caused by the pandemic, ”said HE Dr Ali. bin Tamim, president of the ALC.

“We were very pleased to be able to announce the grants at this year’s Al Ain Book Fair, which showed our commitment to promoting the publishing industry, while encouraging publishers to improve their literary production capabilities. and creative. We also confirm our commitment to develop initiatives such as “Spotlight on Rights”.

The 2021 edition of “Spotlight on Rights” received 1,042 submissions for grants. The total value of the medium reached AED 2,359,727, which was divided into three book categories: AED 1,679,920 for 138 books printed; 230,000 AED for 41 audiobooks; and 449,807 AED for 123 eBooks. The grant values ​​for printed books range from AED 9,000 for children’s books to AED 15,000 for other categories. The value of the grant for converting a printed book to an e-book is AED 3,700 to AED 7,400, and the audiobook recording grant is AED 5,500 to AED 9,000.

“At the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center, we believe in supporting the publishing industry with a comprehensive strategy that establishes the necessary platforms, fosters engagement and connects the publisher, the creative community and the audience,” said said Mouza Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of ALC. “This strategy provides publishers with direct incentives and supports them with positive initiatives to help boost production and accelerate

the full recovery of the sector. We will strive to continuously enrich and prioritize the “Spotlight on Rights” initiative.

Once the grant is approved, the publisher receives the first payment, equal to 60% of the total value of the grant. After that, the publisher receives the second payment, equal to 40% of the total value, when they submit the first translated book manuscript or a draft of the eBook or audiobook. The deadline for submitting manuscripts or projects is December 1, 2021.

From its launch in 2009 until 2020, the Spotlight on Rights program has supported 612 pounds for a total value of AED 1,836,000. In 2020, the program introduced audiobook and e-book grants to help accelerate the development of the publishing industry around the world.

Through this program, ALC aims to promote respect for intellectual property rights (IPR) in the Arab world and encourage the exchange of IPRs between Arab and international publishing houses. It also strives to enrich Arabic content by financially and professionally supporting publishing houses and promoting the translation of content from and into the Arabic language.


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