Stratasys Launches Two New F123 Composites Ready 3D Printing Systems


Stratasys announced the expansion of its F123 series of FDM 3D printers with the launch of F190 CR and F370 CR machines.

Along with this announcement, the company also introduced the new carbon fiber reinforced Nylon-CF10 FDM material.

The new composite 3D printers have been designed for fabricators and industrial machinists to produce end-use components, as well as jigs, fixtures and clamping tools. Both systems include integrated GrabCAD Print software, as well as enterprise application connectivity through the MTConnect standard and its GrabCAD SDK. They also include reusable build trays, a built-in camera for remote monitoring, and automatic material switching capability, which means builds don’t need to be interrupted to swap out materials.

The F190 CR machine has a maximum build size of 305 x 254 x 305 mm and can process ABS-M30, ASA, FDM TPU 92A, ABS-CF10 and the new FDM Nylon-CF10. The F370 CR, on the other hand, has a maximum build volume of 355 x 254 x 355 mm and can process PC-ABS, Diran 410MF07 and ABS-ESD7, in addition to the materials compatible with the F190 CR.

Stratasys’ Nylon-CF10 FDM material is over 60% stronger and nearly three times stiffer than its nylon base material, and allows “any geometry without restriction” to be built when paired with the material of Stratasys Soluble Media.

The new machines and equipment are available to order immediately and are expected to ship in June.

“Stratasys provides manufacturers with the 3D printers and materials needed to support the growth of additive manufacturing in the factory, including these new printers that enable manufacturers to build stronger, print more rigidly, and print with more accuracy,” commented Dick Anderson, senior vice president. President, Manufacturing for Stratasys. “We have verified and published data that proves these new printers have dimensional repeatability of up to 99%, regardless of part size or geometric complexity. This, combined with 99% uptime and one-stop service and support, gives manufacturers the confidence to accelerate their adoption of additive manufacturing. »

“I’ve been in the engineering field for over 35 years and love to innovate, not only in new product development, but also in the processes and tools we use to develop our products. For over 20 years, Stratasys has allowed me to do just that with 3D printing,” added Dave Thompson, Vice President of Global Engineering and Customer Service – Contractors Equipment Division for Graco, Inc.., a Minneapolis-based global fluid handling equipment leader and F370CR beta customer. “Over the years we have grown our fleet of Stratasys printers and extended our applications beyond prototyping to tools, fixtures and grippers for our robots. The new Stratasys F370CR printer will allow us to take our AM applications to a new level, extend the life of our tools and even provide a better surface finish.

Stratasys also introduced GrabCAD Print for the Stratasys Origin One and Origin One Dental 3D printing systems.

This platform will provide users with tools to streamline their 3D printing workflows for print build file preparation and post-print analysis. Integration with GrabCAD Print is considered the first step in integrating Origin One into the comprehensive GrabCAD additive manufacturing platform.

With GrabCAD Print, the Origin One can now offer improved print preparation, an improved automatic support generation tool with reduced support material consumption, and new features that include labeling, support native CAD files, printer status monitoring and print scheduling. It also gives users access to the Open Material License which allows users to develop materials with settings optimized for their needs and share materials within their organization.

“After being acquired by Stratasys, customers told us that the ability to use GrabCAD Print should be a top development priority. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are able to bring the productivity and GrabCAD Print’s streamlined workflow to this rapidly growing community of Origin One users,” commented Ronen Lebi, Vice President, Production Manager (P3) for Stratasys. “In addition to GrabCAD Print for Origin One, we continue to add solutions to our portfolio to better meet the needs of our customers.These new solutions allow us to better serve customers who need an offline printing solution and provide security features extras for the Stratasys Origin One printer.

GrabCAD Print for Stratasys Origin One will be introduced free of charge to all Origin One and Origin One Dental printer customers and is expected to be available in the second half of 2022.

In addition to the GrabCAD Print integration for Origin One, Stratasys announced Origin One Local, a new on-premises printer configuration that includes the same functional capabilities as Origin One and provides an option for customers with extreme IT restrictions to benefit from the capabilities of P3 technology. The company also makes available the Origin One ProAero Air Extraction System, which works with PolyJet-based 3D printers to ensure that fumes, dust and odors are captured and filtered before clean air is released. is recirculated into the room.

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