The printing press returns to profit | Southeast Economic News


A Portsmouth-based print shop has returned to profit and increased sales past the £20m mark.

Bishops Printers was originally owned by Colin Bishop, who ran an arts, crafts and copy shop on Hayling Island.

The name was retained by Chairman Martin Murphy when he purchased the company in 1985.

It now operates on the printing of booklets, brochures, leaflets, leaflets, leaflets and magazines and makes over 33,000 deliveries a year.

For the year to 31 January 2022, Bishops Printers recorded sales of £21.5m compared to £17.6m the previous year.

The company also reported a pre-tax profit of £262,190 after posting a loss of £1.02m in the previous period.

In a strategic report accompanying the results, Bishops noted that the first quarter of the fiscal year was impacted by the continued decline in demand resulting from restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic.

“However, the following months saw a steady recovery as restrictions were lifted and event activities, such as theater attendance and football crowds, were allowed to return to normal, resulting in a program and general print demand,” he said.

“General business confidence and enthusiasm for printed products seemed to be returning with some momentum during the autumn months, but business expansion was somewhat limited by an inability to recruit enough staff to respond to the circumstances.

“This stress, coupled with the experience and renewed focus resulting from the pandemic, means that directors have focused much more on profitability than on fully recovering previous revenue levels.”

The bishops added that its year-end figure demonstrates that the pandemic effect “has been successfully overcome.”


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