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Gary Lico delighted viewers by licensing programming for most of his adult years. Now he makes children happy by giving them Ho Ho Hos! as… Santa Claus. During the Christmas holidays, Lico’s distribution activities play a secondary role in relation to his engagements with Santa Claus.

Through his company, GaryLico.Tv, Lico, a Video age fan (as shown in the image above), is busy launching a worldwide commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Forensic files. The series debuted in 1996 and is now in its 16th season, a record. Fourteen newly produced episodes launched in September. However, in December, Lico traded in his corporate costume for a Santa costume. And luckily, the long white beard is already installed! “Most of us Santas are booked weeks or even months in advance,” he said, explaining that the pandemic has created a shortage of Santa Claus across the United States.

Lico’s Santa Claus makeover began in 2014 when he shut down CableReady, his first business in Connecticut, and traveled to North Carolina to launch GaryLico.TV. “When I moved to North Carolina, I became more relaxed. Having a little more free time, I thought about becoming a museum guide or a librarian, but my big mouth would prevent me, ”he explained. “The alternative was to become Santa Claus. So I grew my beard, had a few more milkshakes, took an online course and… wham! I have become Santa Claus!

However, Lico warned: “Santa Claus is not a hobby; it is a vocation. Anyone can don a $ 49 Walmart red suit, don a fake beard, and “Ho Ho Ho.” But real Santa Claus are inspired from within to convey the Christmas spirit.

He then explained that his “calling” begins at 8 a.m. most days during the holiday season and includes attending town parades and tree-lighting ceremonies, visiting elderly confined to the home. house, attending parties for volunteer workers and visiting homes for underprivileged children, because no child should be without the visit of Santa Claus. “Never.”

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