Tracklib chooses SoundCloud as preferred distributor


Repost is the distribution and creative services division of SoundCloud. Thanks to this partnership, users will be able to distribute their songs sampled by Tracklib via Repost. Streaming revenue will be automatically reported to Tracklib and paid to the correct parties using Repost’s automated payout feature.

The partnership is expected to simplify the process and support fast, automated digital income payments, allowing creators to spend more time making music.

To directly track digital revenue, users can simply add in the split payment section of the Repost by SoundCloud dashboard with the percentage share according to their Tracklib license example. Once the song is distributed through Repost by SoundCloud, users will receive an international standard registration code.

“Tracklib is delighted to partner with Repost by SoundCloud to further refine, simplify and automate the sample erasure process,” Pӓr Almqvist, CEO and co-founder of Tracklib. “We look forward to continuing to make improvements in the industry with Repost by SoundCloud. SoundCloud has always been an important and priority platform for creators, so this partnership resonates well with us.

Jeff Ponchick, Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of SoundCloud, said: “We at SoundCloud are fundamentally impressed with the issue Tracklib is solving for artists and producers regarding sample licensing. Tracklib’s offering is the perfect complement for the creators of Repost by SoundCloud to have access to, and we look forward to working alongside them to help generate revenue for artists in new and compelling ways. “

Tracklib recently secured over $ 12 million in funding led by the Sony Innovation Fund. The sampling platform would use it to grow its community and enable partnerships with producers and artists, including producer Frank Dukes, the Beat Club of Timbaland and Native Instruments.

Tracklib is the only sampling platform to support automated royalty payments with specific and approved distributors. Its catalog includes more than 100,000 original recordings from more than 400 record labels and publishers around the world, from Isaac Hayes to Bob James. His samples have been used by musicians such as J. Cole, Mary J. Blige, Lil ‘Wayne and DJ Khaled.


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