UK retailer launches dispenser recycling program


UK retailer launches dispenser recycling program

July 28, 2022

UK retailer launches dispenser recycling program

A British distributor of cleaning and hygiene products has launched an initiative to enable the recycling of old plastic hygiene dispenser systems at the end of their life and reuse their plastic foundations to manufacture new products.

Upwood Cleaning & Hygiene is in the early stages of implementing the Dis-Cycle program, which each of its customers can take advantage of. Marketing manager Laurence Wells explains how. “There are two ways to send the old distributors to us. If our installers are going to a customer building to install new systems, they can simply take them away. Alternatively, if the customer can disassemble the distributors themselves, we will send loose bags and our courier picks them up.”

Dispensers are routed to TPF Plastics, a sister company to Upwood within the Crownlea group. Its dedicated in-house recycling facility uses waste plastic as a primary component for manufacturing new products through a thermoset compression molding process.

The fibrous plastic pellets are heated to a viscous material before being set by a mold on a hydraulic press, forming a new product, ready for market.

The recycling process works for all hygiene dispenser systems where plastic is the primary material, including bulk soap dispensers, paper product dispensers, cartridge system dispensers and more. Any residual metal in the dispensers is separated by powerful magnets during the process and ultimately melted down to ensure maximum integrity of the final product.

Kirsty Powell, Sales Director of Upwood Cleaning & Hygiene, added: “Sustainability is a priority in every organization and as the supply chain partner of choice, we have a responsibility to help our customers meet their environmental and legislative obligations, by offering valuable services that go beyond the simple sale of green cleaning products.”


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