Verton appoints Welgro as first distributor in South Africa


Verton has announced that Welgro has become its first distributor in South Africa. This partnership means that Welgro customers will be able to safely improve their productivity and bottom line using the world’s first remote-controlled load management system.

Welgro was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing quality products and superior service delivery to the mining, engineering, industrial and agricultural sectors. The company specializes in supporting Tier 1 large companies and partners with reputable national and international companies to offer customers complete lifting tools and equipment.

Verton’s SpinPodTM lifting beams and modular technology use sophisticated gyroscopes and control systems that steer suspended loads remotely without the need for human-held stabilizer lines. The technology directs personnel near and under loads away from the drop zone.

Welgro Director Kyle Handley says partnering with Verton will fundamentally change the way their customers plan their lifting operations.

“One of Welgro’s main goals is to help our customers make their operations safer and more efficient. This partnership is driven by these common goals shared by Verton and Welgro,” he said.

“This comes at a time when I believe the desire to improve workforce safety on site is on the rise and is a major area of ​​investment for businesses. Alongside Verton and the Group Crosby, we look forward to providing our customers with smart technology solutions they can trust to improve safety.”

Verton CEO Tim Ekert added, “The impact our product line will have on Welgro’s vast customer base is exciting.

“We want to see safe lifting and reliable load orientation technology make a difference in the field, supported by our exceptional partners. Whether it’s being able to confidently plan faster project turnaround, rest easy knowing workers are safe, or increase turnover by capitalizing on improvement opportunities identified by Verton smart technology , we want to make this possible.

Welgro works with many industries that will significantly benefit from the safer, smarter and faster working benefits offered by Verton products. These include mining, construction, port authorities, oil and gas, civil engineering and the mobile crane sector.

This collaboration effectively addresses long-standing challenges regarding risk mitigation in lifting and slewing. Verton’s product line keeps people away from the load drop zone, preventing injuries from occurring and reducing the ripple effects of lost time injuries. Welgro customers can now integrate innovative technology to improve safety and efficiency during operations.

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