WEBINAR: Revolutionizing Jewelry Making with 3D Printing


Since the beginning of civilization, jewelry has played an important role in the lives of humans all over the world. From the prehistoric era to ancient civilizations to our modern era, it has always been one of the key elements created in societies as it allows us to display status, decorate our body and of course has a sentimental connection . And indeed, there’s no denying that the industry continues to grow, with the global market expected to reach $255.42 billion by 2027. But just because a tradition is old doesn’t mean it can’t. not be improved. 3D printing, particularly DLP and binder jetting, is increasingly being adopted by the jewelry industry due to its ability to quickly and affordably create intricate and detailed designs.

In our next webinar, “Revolutionizing Jewelry Making with 3D Printing”, come and discover how resin and metal 3D printing is already being used to revolutionize the jewelry industry. We’ll be joined by experts from Lino and Kranias Astroroes Jewelry, a family-owned jewelry business in Thessaloniki that was at the forefront of adopting 3D printing for jewelry making in Greece, on July 12 at 4:00 p.m. CEST/10:00 a.m. EDT/5:00 p.m. EEST as they explain how 3D printing compares to traditional manufacturing in the industry. In addition, they will explain in detail the advantages of using 3D printing for jewelry making as well as the differences in the use of resins and metals and the specific advantages of both. The session will be followed by a live Q&A. Free registration HERE!


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