West View pump distributor Cunningham acquires G&W Industrial Sales


PITTSBURGH, PA – Where is See Cunningham Co., a Pittsburgh-based industrial pump distributor that designs pumping systems that are reliable and designed for a wide range of industrial applications, has purchased certain assets from G&W Industrial Sales of Parkersburg, WV. WVCC will take over the sales efforts of various product lines, including Wilden Pumps and Strahman Valves.

“G&W is a well-established pump distributor that offers many of the same products as us and provides similar services,” says Tom Board, president of WVCC. Our goal is to make this transition easier for the many loyal G&W customers throughout the Ohio River Valley.

This acquisition makes West View Cunningham Co. the authorized distributor of Wilden and PSG Dover pumps in the Parkersburg area. It is also strengthening the engineering, system design, maintenance and repair capabilities of the Parkersburg site. G&W has been in business for 57 years. Since then, she has acquired numerous accounts of distributors of industrial products in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky to become a regional market leader.

G&W Industrial Sales was founded in 1964 by Jack Wood and Bob Gunnoe, who operated a business in Charleston, WV. Ed Borkowski joined the company in 1988 and bought the company a year later. In 1990, G&W Sales moved its headquarters from Charleston to Parkersburg. Since early 1998, the company has occupied a 4,000 square foot building in Parkersburg that includes a workshop and offices. Over the next year, WVCC plans to move its new Parkersburg site to an 8,000 square foot facility nearby.

G&W sets itself apart from other distributors of industrial products by representing a wide range of products and by being very responsive to customer needs. In addition to being a Wilden Pumps distributor for almost 50 years, the company has long standing agreements with Strahman Valves; Plas-Tanks Industries, a manufacturer of fiberglass tanks; and Paul Mueller Company, which manufactures stainless steel tanks.

West View Cunningham Co. Inc. is an industrial pump distributor and designer of reliable and cost-effective engineering systems for food and beverage fluid handling applications, metals, chemicals, oil and gas, mining and power generation industries, as well as municipalities in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, Virginia -Western, eastern Kentucky and western Maryland. The company’s headquarters, engineering department, warehouse, and service, test and repair center are located in the suburb of Oakdale, Pennsylvania, near the Pittsburgh International Airport.

For more than 20 years, this 4,000 square foot building in Parkersburg has housed G&W Industrial Sales. It became a new location for West View Cunningham Co. following its acquisition of G&W. Over the next year, WVCC plans to move into an 8,000 square foot facility nearby.West view of Cunningham


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