What Happens to Newsprint in the World of Digital Publishing?


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In the new digital age, news editors are working tirelessly to identify ways to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing digital world. This has been a challenge, only because print production has been the bread and butter for many struggling outlets. Many of them have adapted well to the technological climate, while others are still striving to inspire advertisers to secure display ads in their print products.

Growing up, I was always in love with newspapers and the radio. I read the newspaper and tape myself to tape as if I was reporting the news on the radio. It brought me so much joy and fulfillment that I wanted to get into journalism. Back then, the newsprint world was a primary source of news and information for so many people, so the demand for journalists, printing presses, and on-air personalities was extremely high.

In recent decades, this climate has changed. We have seen the birth and boom of bloggers. If you had started a blog 15 years ago, today you could generate a significant amount of passive income through ad revenue.

Many decided that they would become citizen journalists and write articles that were important to them and their communities. These people have built a reputation in their spheres of influence to such an extent that people prefer to subscribe to their platforms rather than to reputable news outlets in their communities.

So how can local news outlets secure their position as the primary source of news and information in a rapidly changing world due to digital consumption? Here are some thoughts on how we can shift the focus and keep the impression going.

Connect with the community you cover.

News organizations should have activities that will engage their journalists, staff, etc., with the community they cover. Going to community organization events that have a first-hand view of what is happening on the ground will leave a meaningful imprint on the mind and heart of the community. Instead of the reporter just capturing quotes, photos and a wellness story, people remember them by helping their local communities, such as helping hand out backpacks when back to school in this year.

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Advocate to keep newsprint in circulation.

Many may think that newsprint is not important in the future; however, I believe it is. Newsprint offers a permanent stamp in history because once it comes out of the printing press you cannot go back and change history. Digital is very different in that any story can be changed no matter how much time has passed. Fortunately, there are backup servers that can display past stories, allowing you to check the content. With so much misinformation and misinformation circulating the web, you want concrete evidence that a news story truthfully and accurately covered the events that unfolded during that time.

Maintain your arbitration.

As a media outlet, it is important to be judged in your city or county. This step in the validation process is important if you want to be recognized as a legitimate medium covering news and information in your community. From a digital standpoint, you need to be added to a few different indexes on the web, such as Facebook and Google. But once you’ve been validated as a true news organization, you’re seen as more reputable and trustworthy when people seek out your outlet as a resource. Arbitration also allows your point of sale to serve your community through legal publications, thereby generating a revenue stream for your point of sale.

Make sure you have an online presence.

Learning to be agile in this space is definitely a sure way to position yourself to be seen as a trusted source of news and information. Finding the balance between print media and digital content is essential to reaching your audiences in your community. I remember when I was leading a communications team, we kept saying that if you don’t have an online presence, your organization doesn’t really exist. This is, unfortunately, true because readers want to be able to read your output / content from anywhere if they are not engaged with or have access to your print media.

Consider creating your advertisement in the form of packages.

If your bread and butter comes from print ad revenue, it’s time to step up your game and deliver digital real estate to your customers. I know the language of CPM, inventory, and impressions can be intimidating or confusing, but you have a great opportunity to incorporate your digital placements into pricing your ad as value add while placing display ads. in your broadsheets and tabloids. Make the packaging attractive to your customers so that they want to place advertisements in your point of sale.

The sad and grim reality of newsprint is that it fades slowly, much like broadcasting. We can keep these avenues alive by defending their importance in our society by engaging with outlets that still offer this platform for news and information. We also need to work together to ensure that reputable news agencies remain operational and relevant, and dispel fake news that comes from overnight pop-up blogs that come out under the guise of spreading breaking news and information.


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