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Book title: “Robert’s Rules of Order Fast Track”

What is it about : Easy, accessible and concise, “Robert’s Rules of Order Fast Track” gives everything you need to conduct shorter, fairer and more orderly meetings, including: The fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, with advice on the rules to use for your meetings; simple suggestions for presenting, seconding and debating motions; an introduction to voting, knowing when it’s necessary, breaking ties, managing mail-in and proxy voting; simple strategies for setting and sticking to an agenda; how to effectively record the minutes of your meeting; tips for dealing with disruptive members and tyrannical presidents; in-depth discussion of e-meetings; and tips for hosting better virtual meetings.

Why I wrote it: Proper meeting procedure is more important than ever, especially in these contentious times. The book was written to help meetings of government agencies, nonprofits, unions, community associations (HOAs and condos), and volunteer organizations be shorter, fairer, and more legal. The book is updated for the new 2020 “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” and includes guidance on virtual meetings. More details at www.jimslaughter.com.

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Other books I have published: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure, Fast Track”; “Notes and Commentaries on Robert’s Rules, Fourth Edition”; “Notes and Commentaries on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition”.

Where (how) to buy my new book: Amazon, traditional and online bookstores, as well as electronically for Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Book title: “In Lonely Blackwater”

Editor: Regal House/Fitzroy Books

What is it about : A clever and insecure gender outsider, 17-year-old Maggie explores the North Carolina woods and avoids misery at home and at school by communing with shadowy characters, including a biologist from long ago. for a long time. When the brutalized body of her gorgeous cousin is found at the marina where Maggie lives with her alcoholic father, a persistent sleuth suggests she’s the prime suspect – and this remote world, where people perpetually reinvent themselves to survive, suddenly becomes more complex and dangerous. “This novel is a complex and intriguing work of art,” wrote Fred Chappell.

Why I wrote it: A life spent wandering the woods came together with my passion for dark, cerebral stories of crime and the human heart.

Other books I have published:To the bones » “Evocative and intelligent prose evokes an anxious mood and a strong sense of place while shedding light on the societal and environmental devastation caused by the coal mining industry.” Reviews of Kirkus. This book was a finalist for the Manly Wade Wellman Prize. Three additional novels, including NC-set “Blood Clay”, “Leopard Lady: A Life in Verse” and two other collections of poetry, a short collection of fiction.

Where (how) to buy my new book: Scuppernong Books, Barnes & Noble, Bookmarks, Sunrise Books, Pig City Books, McIntyre’s Fine Books and online.

Book title: “Visible Signs”

Editor: Touch the touchpoint

What is it about : Unable to reconcile her sheltered existence with the plight of the community’s poor, Sister Jude leaves the convent to find herself trapped in her best friend’s crumbling marriage. When Connie, pregnant with two children, shows up on his doorstep, Jude offers them sanctuary. On her mission to feed the hungry and free Connie from her overbearing husband, Jude soon learns how little she understands about the whims of the heart. And that his fierce faith and determination may not be enough to save Connie from her husband, the children from danger, or herself from disgrace.

Why I wrote it: Having been a beneficiary of the women’s liberation movement, I wondered what it was like for the women who came before me; women who had placed their bets before the rules changed. I put up “visible signs” during the civil rights, women’s rights and anti-war movements of the 1970s. Sister Jude, a Catholic nun, and her childhood friend, Connie, wife and mother , had chosen vocations that seemed inevitable given their history. When societal norms began to change, both women were forced to navigate this new world with its challenges for the institutions of marriage, church and state.

Where (how) to buy my new book: Bookshop.org, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, TouchPoint Press and local bookstores.


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