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Born out of a love for traditional computer role-playing games, Broken Roads is an upcoming isometric post-apocalyptic RPG featuring a rich, engaging narrative and a whole new morality system. Using hand-drawn and fixed-camera isometric props and environments, the game will allow players to experience a future ravaged in a story of survival, introspection, and community as they weave their way through a Sorry Australia.

The game tells the story of a group of companions as they travel through Western Australia, meet new friends, overcome terrible enemies, and uncover a mystery behind ever stranger events in the Never Never.

Broken roads Real-time exploration and turn-based combat are beautifully illustrated with hand-drawn illustrations, with the aim of providing a gameplay experience in concept art – 3D characters, visual effects, environments 2D and props all follow this pictorial style.

The game also introduces players to an original morality system: the Moral Compass. This new conception sees dialogue options and quest decisions influencing and being influenced by a character’s philosophical bent. Player decisions will alter a character’s philosophical orientation and alter their future choices, all the while opening up moral traits that can help or hinder.

Initially scheduled for the end of 2021, the publisher Team 17 has just recovered the editing rights of Broken roads and delayed the launch until 2022.

Main characteristics:

  • Profound and compelling: Broken roads builds on classic single-player role-playing games, mixing traditional gameplay with original mechanics and experiences
  • Moral compass: A unique system that influences both story and gameplay as the plot unfolds
  • Authentic setting: Explore real-world locations across a post-apocalyptic Western Australia filled with intriguing and moving stories
  • Unique visual and musical styles: Hand-drawn visuals and a soundtrack of instruments constructed from everyday objects help to make the world of Broken roads vibrant and alive.

Drop Bear Bytes is made up of industry veterans and talented newcomers, with alumni like CCP Games, Riot, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Torus Games. Environments and props are produced by Mighty Vertex, the art studio behind the isometric graphics for Harebrained Schemes’ RPG Shadowrun series. Leanne Taylor-Giles recently joined the studio after nearly six years at Ubisoft Montreal, where she worked as a screenwriter on Rainbow Six Siege and Watch_Dogs 2, with previous writing roles on the likes of Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into Hell and Destroy all humans! 2.

Broken roads is in development for PC and consoles, release scheduled for 2022

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