Xeikon’s ‘Do more with less’ program addresses the challenges of printers – covering printing inks, coatings and related industries

In the current market situation, printers are looking to rethink their production processes. They are looking for ways to reduce material waste, production time, ink/toner and electricity consumption while delivering the best quality.

To address these concerns, xeikon launches its “Doing More with Less” program, which provides customers with concrete ideas on how to meet these challenges.

“In these particular times that we live in, printers are faced with increased costs and a shortage of materials. Xeikon Customer Success Managers around the world are evaluating and implementing new methods and processes that have a significant impact on Xeikon customer profitability,” said Paul Salmon, Xeikon Global Customer Success Manager. .

The “Do More with Less” program offers a range of actions that improve all aspects of the print workflow: it helps to reduce lead times, minimize the amount of material waste and minimize the consumption of ink/toner and operator effort.

Here are some examples:
• VariLane, a workflow option of the X-800 digital front end, allows printers to add labels on different lanes alongside an existing job, with the ability to have labels of different sizes. This allows Xeikon users to optimize substrate usage.
• Vectorizor, complementary software to the X-800 digital front end, increases productivity and efficiency in label finishing.
• Xeikon’s color services can help in several ways, for example to reduce color setup waste by providing predictable colors and offering different levels of quality, thus reducing toner and ink consumption.
• Job Optimizer, a feature of the X-800, reduces production time and substrate waste by up to 30% for jobs with multiple variants.
• Xeikon Business Services allows users to get real-time data on performance, generated waste, etc., for their configuration, with easy data collection.

Xeikon’s “Do more with less” program will be shared with customers in a dedicated Xeikon Café TV session and in upcoming Xeikon Café events in Europe and North America.


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