Zeller + Gmelin Expands Flexo Ink Production in North America – Covering Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries


Zeller + Gmelin North America purchased four visconomic ink mills and a high speed mixer to increase flexographic ink production and combat industry ink shortages in several markets.

Ed Dedman, flexographic product manager at Zeller + Gmelin, regarding the equipment equipment project initiative, cites an increase in demand as a determining factor in the purchase.

“We started to see a significant increase in our flexo ink sales, and we were at full capacity with our current factories. However, it was mid-2020 and our team had to think about the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic while being optimistic about the future of the industry and anticipating customer needs for a period. unprecedented. “

After careful consideration, the Zeller + Gmelin team decided to invest for the future and purchased two visconomic ink mills and a high speed ink mixer from the Bühler group, which are now operating in the manufacturing plant. of the company in Richmond, Virginia, United States.

The Bühler Group is a well-known German manufacturer with a reputation for quality and reliability in mixing and grinding equipment for viscous products. Zeller + Gmelin, headquartered in Germany, has a long standing relationship with the company and is confident in the quality and capabilities of the equipment. The new visconomic ink mills offer high flow rates and ink temperature control, as well as an ergonomic and user-friendly design.

“We have worked with Bühler for many years and own several of their machines. Our operators know the equipment, so we were able to get started as soon as the new shredders were installed, ”said John Bosher, COO of the company.

The new visconomic grinders are also modular and IoT compatible, making it a flexible machine, ready to adapt to the needs of flexo converters. The high speed mixer, also purchased from Bühler, enables Zeller + Gmelin to mix larger ink volumes faster, helping the company to reduce overall production time and meet growing demands for industry.

A secondary benefit of the purchase is that the new grinders and mixers freed up existing production equipment to be used for other Zeller + Gmelin ink products, thus addressing product shortages and lead times. in other printing markets. “We have seen a growing trend in the markets for paste inks such as sheet-fed lithography and rotary press. Now, with the new factories producing greater quantities of flexo inks, we have been able to maximize our existing equipment to meet these growing markets and reduce lead times while simultaneously meeting the needs of our flexo customers, ”said Brian Felts , national sales manager.

With the success of the newly installed factories, Zeller + Gmelin purchased two additional factories from the Bühler group from December 2021. With a total of four new factories for ink production, Zeller + Gmelin is positioned to meet the needs of converters. flexographic across North America for years to come. The two additional shredders are expected to be installed by spring 2022.

“We are proud to say that in the midst of a difficult year for raw material shortages and logistics challenges, Zeller + Gmelin remains committed to meeting the needs of the flexo industry and investing for today and for the future, ”Dedman concluded.


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